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We are a team of burger aficionados that came from humble beginnings. Equipped with nothing but sheer perseverance, we took a leap of faith by quitting our full time job to start a stall to sell burgers back in 2013.

With no business background or any culinary skill, things were pretty much trial and error since day one. One thing kept us going, the undying passion to create really good burgers or what we would like to call "better burgers" and share them with everyone.

From a two-man show to a team of more than 100 people today, we have managed to expand to more than 10 outlets across the country.


Certainly, proper expansion would be impossible without the utilisation of a central kitchen to produce the ingredients needed for each outlet. By having a centralised kitchen, we are able to ensure consistency in the quality of our ingredients to ensure that you can enjoy the same great taste regardless of which outlet you visit.

We always strive to make our ingredients from scratch as much as possible and this includes and is not limited to our buns, patties, most toppings and sauces. Only by developing our own recipe are we able to create a unique taste profile for each of the burger that we serve on the menu.

Of course, the quality of the materials used is just as important as having our own recipe. You can be rest assured that we only use the freshest ingredients and real, 100% meat without any weird parts, bones, innards, fillers or even "pink slime" to make our patties and meat products.

As everything comes from our central kitchen which is based in Penang, multiple delivery trips are made on a weekly basis to all our outlets across the country. Having at least two to three trips per week helps keep our stock fresh and sufficient.

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